Strategic Management for Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers: Positive Change for Sustained Excellence

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ultimate Sales Planning

Sales Planning is both strategic or tactical. It is indeed a critical part of any strategic plan but the plan itself has to include all the tactical elements as well.

The sales planning process should help each producer set personal goals and the action plans to achieve them. And, each individual sales plan should support the overall agency goals and objectives.

Sales isn’t a department–it’s an attitude!
The most profitable and successful businesses are highly focused on new business sales. In the face of economic turmoil, increased competition, and alternative distribution systems, every business needs a genuine sales focus built into its culture. Business development should be part of every individual’s job description. This is the ultimate in sales planning.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Share Your Vision

Strategic planning isn’t a solo enterprise. At least, it isn’t if you want to achieve your highest goals. Planning without sharing your plan is like building something all by yourself.
Sure, there is some satisfaction in the work itself – and in the finished product. But think about how much easier it goes if you have some help. And there is something much more rewarding about enjoying the fruits of your labor if you share it.
Who you share the work with depends on what kind of organization you have. Managers and key employees, board members or trusted advisors. Look for help from those who can provide input and perspective.
Who you share your vision with goes right to the heart of the plan. Your employees can't help you accomplish your goals if they don't know what your goals are. And they need to know what's in it for them.
Creating the vision isn’t enough. Working the plan isn’t enough. Documenting the plan isn't enough. Sharing the plan – and getting others engaged in your vision – that’s how vision becomes reality.