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Monday, December 19, 2011

Customer Satisfaction in the Insurance Industry

According to NU Online News Service, December 15th, the most recent American Customer Satisfaction Index shows property and casualty companies get higher satisfaction scores than life and health insurers.  The survey lists scores for the five large direct writers, i.e., State, Farm, GEICO, Progressive, Allstate and Farmers. The factors cited for causing better results in the P&C companies: lower premiums and, get this, fewer customer interactions. 
So, in order to keep their customers satisfied, large direct-writing insurance companies should strive to keep customer contact to a minimum. Fewer contacts mean fewer conflicts. Less frustration.
Well, I guess that makes sense. Have you tried to do business with a large company (of any kind) lately? Automated voice trees that delay and confuse. Sales and customer service representatives reading from scripts. No one with the knowledge or authority to make a decision.
Seems to me that the survey just emphasizes the value added by the independent insurance agent. And the huge competitive advantage this gives you if your sales and service models have an emphasis on personalized, professional relationship building.  

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